Don't Bother With Court – Get Paid Accident Damages Now

Posted on: 22 May 2019

If you've been hurt in a car accident, you probably know better than anyone that money is not enough to make your misery and pain go away. Imagine, however, that you don't take action and find out later that you accepted an inferior financial award. Seeking personal injury damages doesn't have to mean waiting a long time and having to go through a court case. You can, if you have a skilled lawyer on your side, be paid what you deserve in a relatively short amount of time without ever having to face court. There is a good reason why most personal injury cases can be resolved without a judge. Read on to find out about how your personal injury lawyer engineers several opportunities that might result in a settlement offer.

Making Contact and Demanding Payment

Insurance companies will gladly try to issue you a check that is nowhere near what you deserve if you aren't careful. Your lawyer, however, won't let that happen. Instead, a letter that details what you should be paid is sent to the other driver's insurance company. This letter puts the other side on notice that you know what you deserve and plan to acquire it. Demand letters often open the door for negotiations between the two sides (your lawyer and the insurance adjuster for the other side).

Making a Case Through Trial Discovery

If the demand letter fails to result in an acceptable offer, your lawyer will file a lawsuit and pretrial preparations will begin. This important series of events is called discovery and involves an information exchange between the parties. Evidence, witness statements, and testimony comprise discovery procedures. There is always a more than better chance that the other side will review the evidence your lawyer plans to present at the trial and decide to settle. After all, taking cases to trial can be expensive for both sides and if your evidence is compelling, the other side will end up losing the case.

Making a Case With Your Deposition Testimony

In most cases, the deposition is the most important part of discovery. Depositions allow the parties to testify, under oath, about the accident and the damages. For example, here you will be asked about the many ways the accident has negatively affected your life, from the medical treatments to lost wages and beyond. If the other side can tell that you and others on your side are credible and convincing in your testimony, they will be able to predict the chances of winning a court case against you and offer you a settlement at that time.

To find out more about your opportunities to settle your case, speak to a car accident attorney.