Were You Badly Injured At Physical Therapy While Rehabbing An Injury? Get A Lawyer Fast

Posted on: 22 October 2019

When you go to physical therapy, you expect to get some natural help for the pain that you have, and usually this type of therapy is prescribed by a medical professional. If you went to a physical therapist and they injured you badly enough you now need back surgery, it's time to call an injury attorney.

An injury isn't what should have occurred from a physical therapy program, and you want to get representation. Here are some of the facts your lawyer will need so they can start creating and compiling your legal case.

Original Reason for Therapy

The original reason therapy should be provided. This could be some type of work injury, accident, chronic pain, rehabilitation from a surgery or a sports injury. Show the medical documents that indicate why you were there and what type of treatments you would need to overcome this injury. From there, it can be determined how susceptible you were to re-injury or another type of injury.

Injury That Occurred at Therapy

Detailed information about what happened at therapy is vital. You need to document if you were telling the therapist that something hurt, if they had you doing dangerous or incorrect exercises for your injury, or the office conditions were poor which lead to the injury.

You need to write these down in great detail while they are still fresh in your mind and get eye witness accounts if you can. Your lawyer may also try to get video footage from surveillance cameras inside the physical therapy. This may require a court order.

Medical Evidence the Therapist was Treating You Improperly

If you can provide that the therapist was doing things that were medically incorrect, that they neglected you during your session, or that there was negligence of the property, this is the evidence for the case. You need evidence, possibly from another healthcare professional, that states the therapist's poor choices of exercise left you with this bad injury.

If you are badly injured, need surgery, are missing work, and could have a lifetime of problems because of what happened to you, you want to reach out to an injury lawyer to see if you can get more information. You deserve to be compensated for the medical bills that will now be ahead of you because of what happened and for the additional stress and strain this new injury will put on your life immediately and potentially long-term. Look for a personal injury lawyer like James Lee Katz to learn more.