Holding A Drunk Driver Financially Responsible For Causing Injuries

Posted on: 13 December 2022

Surviving a drunk driving accident is not something that many people are fortunate of, as such collisions often result in death. Even if a victim survives a drunk driving accident, the injuries could cause permanent changes that lower the quality of their life. If you are happy that the negligent driver that caused your injuries is in jail but feel depressed about the severity of your injuries, you deserve more justice. The other party should be held responsible to compensate you for the changes they caused in your life. Although the other party is locked behind bars, a lawyer can ensure that they are held financially responsible for each area of your life that the accident affected.

Physical Injuries That Cannot Be Healed

Sometimes the injuries from a collision are unbearable, but will eventually completely heal with no further treatment needed. However, a bad collision can also cause an injury that will require treatment on a long-term basis or will never fully heal. For example, if someone loses a leg in a bad collision, their leg will never grow back. A lawyer can help you sue the other party for money that is sufficient to cover what you are going through in such a situation. Money will not make a lost limb grow back, but money will help with medical bills and make you feel like justice was served.

Constant Nightmares About the Collision

Getting hit by a drunk driver does more than cause physical injuries, as a victim's mental health is affected as well. Having nightmares about a bad collision is a good example of a mental health issue that developed from the situation. Reliving a drunk driving collision over and over while asleep is a traumatic experience that can interfere with feeling restful. A lawyer will ask questions regarding how the collision affected your mental health and if you need professional medical attention. Your mental health is as big of a concern in filing a lawsuit as your physical health, and a lawyer will ensure that enough money is requested.

No Longer Able to Work the Same Job

One of the most common life changes from drunk driving collisions is for a person to lose their job due to their injuries. Even if a victim can maintain employment, the injuries might require moving to a lower position that can accommodate a disability. If the other party's negligence caused any changes to your work life, a lawyer can help you receive money to make up for the financial loss. They will also consider your inability to excel in your career in the future.

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