Potential Damages In A FedEx Truck Accident

Posted on: 28 April 2023

FedEx uses about 200,000 trucks to deliver goods to people and companies around the country. Not immune to the hazards of real life, FedEx trucks get involved in roughly 1,000 accidents per year including 12 fatal accidents between January 2020 — January 2022. When you find yourself involved in an accident with a FedEx truck, FedEx takes it very seriously due to the potential damage involved. The average settlement amount with FedEx comes to about $75,000 — $111,000. Just verdicts often exceed $500,000. Learn where these figures come from as we cover the potential damage associated with an accident with a FedEx truck. 

Property Damage 

Property damage refers to the damage to the other vehicle. As FedEx trucks tend to be larger and heavier than most vehicles on the road, they can inflict significant damage. Damage to the body of a car and damage to the engine are the most expensive repairs. Property damage is covered by FedEx's liability insurance. 

Cargo Damage

FedEx trucks may have cargo on them when they get into an accident. The accident may cause the cargo to become damaged. FedEx can be responsible for this damage if the customers complain or if the cargo becomes lost. FedEx only covers damage to cargo up to a certain point. For the best results, shippers should consider getting insurance on the cargo. 

Physical Injury 

Depending on the extent of the accident, those involved may experience physical injury. Mild injuries include surface-level lacerations and bruising. Severe injuries can include brain damage and permanent disfigurement. Defendants can request restitution for medical expenses and time missed from work. They may also have a claim for "pain and suffering". Damages are awarded based on the severity of the injury and how it will impact the defendant in the future. Defendants who weren't wearing a seatbelt won't get as much as those who were wearing their seat belt, so always buckle up. 

Emotional Trauma 

An auto accident can cause anxiety and PTSD. Defendants may struggle to get behind the wheel of a car again and may even need to go to therapy to learn coping mechanisms to deal with the trauma. The court will award compensation for emotional damage someone experiences on top of the physical injuries. It's important to note that emotional trauma is not pain and suffering, which refers to physical pain. 

FedEx takes pride in hiring great drivers, but even great drivers get into accidents. To learn more, consult a FedEx truck accident lawyer today.